These blog pages are authored and maintained by Ron Coleman.  Born in post WWII Singapore, Malaya to Seventh Day Adventist missionary parents Ron would likely have spent his childhood there had the family not moved back to the United States while his father dealt with health issues. First memories were therefore formed in Washington and Oregon but at the age of nine he returned to the Far East with his parents and three brothers, this time to Indonesia living in Bandung and later Djakarta. Plans were again interrupted in 1965 by the uncertain political situation and so the family returned to the United States just a few weeks prior to what would become known as the “30 September Movement” or the “1965 Indonesian Coup”. The remaining home years were spent at Laurelwood, Oregon and Walla Walla, WA where he remained surrounded by Seventh Day Adventist teaching and community. By 1973 Ron left home to attend school in southern California, his first experience living and working daily with a non-Adventist world view. It was during those years that he learned both to be more critical of and at the same time, in a way, more appreciative of the unique life perspective that Adventists hold.

Ron is married to Cheryl (Blodgett) Coleman, have two sons (married) and reside in Walla Walla, WA. He is active in aviation, (international airline pilot, flight instructor, mechanic) music, (clarinet) and whatever activities time allows for after doing maintenance and yard work around several country acres called home.

Blog pages may be accessed via the menu at the top of this page.

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